Understanding TI: The Illusion Explained

Understanding TI: The Illusion Explained

Written by Mark

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Are you TI? The Illusion Explained

You may be living an illusion and not even know it!  You may even be buying into an illusion thinking it will satisfy you, yet ends up making you feel empty inside.

The Illusion or “TI” is a concept that arose from observations amongst my group of friends and co-workers.  People who seemed to have it all really lacked meaningful substance in their lives.  They hid behind the façade of The Illusion.

Dictionary definition of Illusion:

Something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality

At its most basic level, TI exists when something is done for the sole sake of creating this false impression of reality.  A person goes to a club and pays $500 for a bottle that retails for $20.  This is usually a fragile male ego that wants to create the illusion he is a “baller”.  The illusion is being rich and successful.  The reality is blowing an entire paycheck on a bottle of liquid while barely being able to cover rent or the cell phone bill.

TI is buying things you can’t afford to impress people you barely know, don’t know, or don’t even like. Many times people will spend way beyond their means; rack up huge debts, to give off the appearance that they are better off than they really are.

When two people meet for the first time, the first thing that usually comes up in conversation is what each one does for a living.  This is the stage in the relationship where TI is first exhibited.  Each person is presenting themselves in the most positive of light, at the same time, judging the other based on their responses and perceived social status.

When discussing one’s work, people regurgitate a set of statements about their job so they sound more important than they really are to elevate their perceived social status.  This misleading representation and false impression of reality causes people to identify themselves more with their work or job than themselves as a human being.  A job comes and goes but you will always be you.

Do you know people in your lives that are more TI than others?

What aspects of your life are TI?

What do people use the illusion to compensate for?

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  1. Jeff says:

    focus on the future – think outside of your present situation – think about where you will be – they will be happier thoughts – and you will be more inspired to change your life in a positive way

    • Mark says:

      Anytime you can focus on changing your life in a positive way is important, no matter how small the change. It does not matter where the inspiration comes from as long as the inspiration is there.

  2. Daniel Serota says:

    Thats me doing work

  3. ti says:

    Aren’t you a hypocrite because you still work in corporate america yet you denigrate the corporate lifestyle endlessly. If you hate and see so much wrong with it why dont you leave? You slave!! Ha! THere is nothing stopping you Mark. Go! Corporate america will go on without and you without it. Or are you just a hypocrite hanging on because you can’t live out your philosophy? Why don’t you put this post on your blog and respond so people can see you are just some angst-ridden dope who can’t find anything more interesting in his life than the bordem you so easily find. You say you went to college, got a job, and “…did everything right” well Mark you should try to revise that last comment and contemplate on why you say such a stupid thing because obviously you did not do much right.

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