Srinivas Rao – A Lifestyle Truly Ignited

Srinivas Rao – A Lifestyle Truly Ignited

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Lifestyle Igniters, you have seen Jeremy Smith on his path of igniting his lifestyle. Allow me to present another fellow lifestyle igniter.

Spending a week in Los Angeles with Srinivas Rao

Recently I had the luxury of being hosted in Los Angeles by Srini Rao. Hosting and being hosted by other bloggers is awesome.  I’ve also had the luxury of being hosted by David Crandall in Dallas and the honor of hosting Joel Runyon here in Chicago.  Living with Srini for a week I have been able to get a first hand look into his lifestyle.  Srini lives a truly ignited lifestyle.  With an Economics degree from Berkeley and an MBA from Pepperdine University, you would envision someone living a conventional life who puts in long hours at a finance company while living a high stress life.  This however could not be farther from the truth.  Through a host of ingenious maneuvers, creative skills, the refusal to settle, and a little bit of luck he has constructed a a pretty incredible lifestyle where he has the flexibility to do what he wants.

Srini has ignited his lifestyle

Srini doesn’t work the typical 9 to 5.  His current job allows him flexibility unthinkable even in the much more laid back west coast.  He goes to the office 3 days a week and can pretty much work from wherever he wants.  He also plans when he does his work around his surfing schedule. He’ll wake up power away in the morning in a productive manner along the likes of Superman.  Then he’ll check surf conditions.  Head to Sunset beach, Venice beach, Manhattan Beach, or ones in Orange County?  Living less than 10 minutes from the coast, Srini will grab his surf board and head out.  Make no mistake.  He is the real deal.  I saw his surfing skills firsthand.

His boss is smart.

He allows Srini to work on schedule which allows him to maximize his creative power. Typically, an 8 hour work day (or more) is required.  During how much of that time block are we actually productive?  Not the whole time!  Not even close!  Beware of the person who tells you they are productive for the entire time.  Normally, when the work day is over, it’s over.  We forget about work and try and focus on other things.  Not Srini.  He loves his work.  Working as editor in chief/director of social media for Flightster he’s always thinking of new and innovative ideas for the site.  If he has an awesome idea, he’ll jot it down or start working on it right then.  It doesn’t matter what time it is.  It doesn’t have to wait for the 8 hour work day.  This flexibility has allowed for the spark of innovate ideas that would not have been possible before.  The company benefits, as it has a clever, motivated and creative individual with high employer loyalty and satisfaction.  Srini benefits because he can live life on his own terms.  Few people have been able to craft this careful balance of living life on their own terms and being able “to eat”.  He has the freedom at his job that let’s his creativity run wild, with a schedule that allows his life and spirit to be free.

Igniting his lifestyle has allowed him to live happy, free, and well

Aside from working with Flightster, Srini hosts the podcast BlogcastFM, and chronicles his own journey at his personal blog The Skool of Life. He plans to one day spend a year traveling around the world surfing.  He’ll get a taste of this when he visits Sid Savara in Hawaii to catch up with a good friend and enjoy some surf time on some exhilarating waves.  Talk about living your passions, following your dreams, and igniting you lifestyle!

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  1. Josh Crocker says:

    “His boss is smart”

    Maybe more bosses will “get it” once they read this mini-review of yours Mark. Great stuff!

    Can’t wait to hang out with you guys :)

    – JC

    • Mark says:

      Yes Josh! Wouldn’t that be awesome if more bosses just got it! This idea of a fake work, and faking fake work is not just inefficient but mind numbing. Can’t wait to hang out with you too!

  2. Srinivas Rao says:


    Great to have you come out and visit. It’s making me think I could create a blogging lifestyle retreat out here in Cali. Maybe that will be my next business. HEHe

    • Mark says:

      Awesome visiting you too man! I think a lifestyle retreat in Cali would be awesome. Not just fun, but an explosion of idea generation and creative energy. Get that retreat goin!

  3. Joel Runyon says:

    Cool that you got to meet Sri…kind of jealous. You should get the award for proactively meeting the most bloggers in real life. Impressive :)

  4. Larry Clark says:

    Is that a patch of grey I see in Srini’s hair?

    Well bummer I guess I missed you in L.A., maybe you can come back to S.D or I can make it out there sometime in the next year. Having a 2yr old and a 2 month old sorta puts a damper for a little bit on your lifestyle ya know?

    Hey BTW I LOVE the shameless marketing photos. I LOVE ta ta’s. I can photo beautiful ta ta;’s all day long, just look at my photography site:
    look under galleries>nude.

    Love your theme too!
    Great post about Srini and his lifestyle…

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