Success is a Mindset

Success is a Mindset

Written by Mark

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There’s no road map.  There’s no formula.  It’s a mindset.

We want the shortcut.  We want the secrets, the how to’s, and coveted strategies in order to become successful.  Success comes from your mindset.  An undying and relentless hunger for success.

“Think outside the box”.

I’ve heard that so many times, it almost makes me want to puke.  What does think outside the box even mean?!  That buzzword is thrown around time and time again. It’s on resumes, it’s used as a conversation “enhancer”, but it’s really just an empty feel good saying that most don’t put into practice.  If you’ve done everything conventional your whole entire life, tell me what do you do to “think outside the box”?  Here’s the secret:  Those that actually think outside the box do no go around telling people they think outside the box”.

So you want to make money online

One way to make some quick money is to start selling things on websites like amazon, ebay, and craigslist.  I know countless people including myself who have had varying degrees of success selling things online.  One friend of mine in particular has been especially successful.  Selling stuff online usually goes something like this.  Get a product, see what it’s worth, sell for that price, and get money.  Millions of people do this all the time.  It can be a great way to sell off some of your stuff or make some money, but is extremely hard to turn into a business.  You’re at the mercy of the market and policies of the websites you sell through.  Right?  Well only sort of.

Selling baby bottle nipples

A friend of mine was able to get an incredible good price on bulk baby bottle nipples.  He tried selling them through the normal channels, but since they didn’t have individual packaging, nobody would buy them. They actually were brand new and sterile, but nobody would trust that from an unknown seller online.  Most people would accept this roadblock and say they can’t be sold.  Not this time.  He contacted each seller who was selling the product and asked if they were interested in purchasing the nipples in bulk.  Someone made an offer for them all.  He took the offer.  1st bulk lot of baby bottle nipples sold.  Another lot of nipples came in.  The previous buyer said he was having a hard time selling them without packaging and didn’t want anymore.  He called around and nobody was willing to buy them.  Game over?  Hardly.  I remember when he put down the phone and realized nobody would buy them.  He said to me, “Mark, if nobody will buy them without packaging, then I will make packaging for them.”  He then proceeded to research companies that made packaging, and had them professionally done.  He sold them for an even larger profit than when he dumped the previous lot in bulk before.

Success as a mindset

People see him making really good money online.  They see his flexible hours, and financial success and are always asking, “how do you do it?”  “Tell me what your secret is.”  “Just tell me how to do it so I can”.  How do you teach something like that?  His success is due in large part to his uncanny ability to make decisions on the fly as roadblocks come up.  There isn’t an endless supply of bulk baby bottle nipples.  There’s no specific company that buys them.  It just doesn’t work to say, “buy product x, do y, and sell for z.”

The ability to work around whatever life presents is the differentiating factor.  “Where there is a will there is way.”  And it’s near impossible to teach will or that mindset.  I’m not saying it can’t be done, just that it’s not easy.  If a mindset has not made you successful, and you’re convinced you’re doing things right, doesn’t it make sense to at least try and approach things differently? Thinking outside the box is one thing, but actually doing it, is another.

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  1. Dammit, Mark! If you give people this formula (Get a product, see what it’s worth, sell for that price, and get money), what the hell are we supposed to fill our ebooks up with?

    Sheesh! Giving away all the good information for free. 😉

    (PS – Love this!)

  2. Jackie Lee says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head when you talk about coming up with workarounds. You will come up against obstacles around every turn. Your success depends on how you deal with them, not a 6 step plan someone else gives you.

    Glad I found your site. Thanks for the tweet @davidcrandall :)

    • Mark says:

      Right on Jackie! It’s all about those workarounds. Nobody can predict the future. All that is certain is uncertainty.

      ” Your success depends on how you deal with them, not a 6 step plan someone else gives you.”

      Love that!

  3. Marnie says:

    “The ability to work around whatever life presents is the differentiating factor.”

    Well put. It’s the roadblocks that make life interesting!

  4. Trever Clark says:

    My philosophy is “accept no excuses”. There are so few roadblocks that we run into that we can’t get around one way or the other. If you make up your mind to go after an audacious goal, you’re going to have to get creative, because seemingly impenetrable roadblocks are bound to crop up.

    If audacious goals were easy to accomplish, they wouldn’t be audacious. Everyone would attain them.

    I’ve run into more obstacles than I can count already with my burgeoning affiliate marketing empire, as well as with my quest to run 5,000 miles on foot across Asia next year. But again – if it were easy, everyone would do it.

    BTW – “Think outside the box” reminds of when I used to work for a large, boring corporation that made engine bearings. I used to hear that kind of bullshit corporate speak bandied about in meetings constantly. The one I hated the most was “It is what it is”. That always made me want to throttle someone.

    • Mark says:

      Right on Trever! Creatively bust through those seemingly impenetrable goals! You are attempting so many things is truly amazing. Keep rocking out the affiliate marketing empire. Competition is high and things change rapidly, but with your hunger and audacity I know you will be successful.

      As for the 5000 miles on foot across Asia, do you have a route planned out, or any idea how long it will take?

  5. Awesome post Mark! This sums it all up ” His success is due in large part to his uncanny ability to make decisions on the fly as roadblocks come up” Most people fail or stop trying when the possibility of a roadblock is predicted. It really boils down to your mindset and perseverance. Once you have those down you are literally unstoppable like your friend with the baby nipple bottles.

    • Mark says:

      The true success comes after things really get touch and you’re tested to see if you keep going. Jeff really pushes through obstacles in a way that is beyond remarkable. BTW I couldn’t help but smirk at this last sentence, “…unstoppable like your friend with the baby nipple bottles.”

  6. Jeff Lane says:

    No struggle no progress. You get out of life what you put into it. Being fluid in any situation is one of my keys to success. If you cannot adapt to the market you are a dinosaur and you should retire from your business. I have a long way to go but with a solid state of mind looking forward to where I want to be in 10 years and consistency it will be mine (and can be yours too!). Health, Wealth, Relationships…

    • Mark says:

      Well said Jeff. Keep rocking out life and pushing through obstacles like you have been. It’s an honor to know you. Who ever thought baby bottle nipples would be so lucrative LOL.

  7. Chase Night says:

    That was undoubtedly the most unique story about selling stuff I’ve ever heard.

    I hate it when people say “think outside the box.” What box? Why do we have to acknowledge any such box to begin with? Just ignore the box and don’t give it power to be boxy or not.

    • Mark says:

      You’re right Chase! Why even acknowledge the dang box! What if we all went on the assumption there was no box! Oh the creativity and progress!

  8. “The ability to work around whatever life presents is the differentiating factor.” I think this is a great quote.

    It’s easy to fall into a trap and begin to think ‘if only things were different,’ or to look at other people and think that their success is entirely a matter of luck.

    I think that this mindset of success requires a willingness to look for more than the obvious solution, the stubbornness to try something different, and the perseverance to carry it through to the end.

    Just don’t call it thinking outside the box :)

    • Mark says:

      There are those that do, and those that don’t. Seth, you said it right. It’s easy to blame things on a multitude of factors instead of taking responsibility and making things happen. “the stubbornness to try something different, and the perseverance to carry it through to the end.” Awesomeness :)

  9. Angela Giese says:

    Great post! Loved the baby bottle nipples story [snickers at the word ‘nipple’ like a child would].

    I used to be one of those people who gave up at every road block. Lately I’ve been finding workarounds and adapting to the challenge instead of running away with my tail between my legs (no I don’t really have a tail).

    Anyway, great story about overcoming obstacles! Success really is a mindset.

    • Mark says:

      HAHA, yes baby bottle nipples are hilarious. Seeing thousands of them in real life is pretty fun too. Glad you’re finding those workarounds and adapting to the challenges. That’s when progress truly ignites!

  10. Anh says:

    This is great and a welcome reminder to all those who are stuck. These people that continuously overcome challenges are no more special then the rest of us. Their mindset isn’t some innate talent but a result of deliberate practice.

    Lateral thinking is only hard to those who haven’t practices enough. If you want this superpower try and start with small things and then watch how your powers magically grow.

    Great post!

  11. Mark Powers says:

    So true, Mark! The correct mindset can sometimes be difficult to get into ourselves, much less teach to someone else. We each view the world through a different lens, colored by our own personal past experiences. That puts us into our present mindset, be that good or bad. Sometimes the only way to change someone’s mindset is to provide them with a new experience that changes what they previously thought to be possible or true. If they view the world from a new perspective, they might be in a position to make new decisions. Perhaps? Thanks for the thought provoking post!

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