Back from Morocco and In Full Time Startup Mode

Back from Morocco and In Full Time Startup Mode

Written by Mark

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I have returned from Morocco, and am now back in Chicago.  The trip was incredible.  I won’t focus on the travel details here, but if you’re interested, I do travel writing for flighster.  While the trip was amazing, it couldn’t have come at a worse possible time in terms of development of SpotHero an online parking reservation company in Chicago.  The trip was planned way in advance, but came at a pivotal time.  It was in the middle of applications to startup accelerators, private buyer flow testing, and many important technology and entrepreneur events in Chicago.  We were lucky to get interviews with two of the startup accelerators we had applied to.  We found out we had been asked to come back for an interview with them while we were in Morocco.  The scrambling began as things had to be put in order to prepare.  We actually had a skype interview with one of them while we were in Marrakesh.  A good half of the day was spent finding an internet cafe that had the equipment and connection for a video conference.  We rented the whole place out for 2 hours.  Good times!  It was my first taste of “working on the road”.  While it’s exciting, there is an element of stress due to unfamiliarity and lack of access to technology and certain things.  We were still able to get everything done we needed to.  Life has been great, and I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been happier., but here is something that I have been struggling with of late.

Blogging About Life vs. Living It

I am troubled sometimes by whether I should be blogging or not.  On one hand, I would love to update Lifestyle Ignition as much as possible.  I love connecting with new people and really enjoy having a platform of honesty with those I currently already know.  However, sometimes I am so busy with my startup SpotHero, that when I have a free moment, I do not feel like writing.  I feel like living.  It felt great to head to Mardis Gras in New Orleans and not be connected to the internet.  I spent the time with some close friends exploring an amazing city I had never been to before without constantly checking my cell phone or logging onto the internet.  Morocco was great too, and after 6 straight months of powering away in full time startup mode, it was a nice break.  Going forward, I cannot foresee another break for a long while.  I am enamored with the startup process and the startup world and can’t wait for SpotHero to get off the ground!   I think there is a fine line and balance that must be kept.  Blogging is a wonderful platform.  Though, I read many blogs where it seems all the person does is blog and there’s more to life than blogging.  I love reading about interesting people doing interesting things.  Blogging is interesting and blogging is great, but there is something that trumps that 1 million times over.  That is life.

Side note: (If someone tells you travel is expensive, I paid $390 round trip Chicago to Casablanca).  Thank you travelzoo alerts!

SpotHero is an online parking marketplace that allows you to reserve a parking spot ahead of time for example if you need Downtown Chicago Parking or are going to a Wrigley Field and need Cubs Game Parking.


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  1. Rob says:

    Sweet pic Mark! It’s definitely easy to get mired in talking about life and forget to go out there and live it. I think the same can be true for reading blogs: you start to follow everyone else’s adventures and if your not careful, you’ll miss out on awesome experiences outside your apartment’s/house’s/office’s/cafe’s door.

    As for myself, I’m looking forward to my own adventure in Costa Rica in one week. I probably won’t be following too many blogs, or writing that much, but it’ll be fun as hell. :-)

  2. Jeremy says:

    Mark! Awesome Photo! I totally agree with you on “I love reading about interesting people doing interesting things.” I’ve stumbled on blogs that were absolutely full of flavor and joy while skipping the ones that everyone talks about.

    • Mark says:

      Flavor and joy are in. B.S is out. It’s great to see wonderful people doing wonderful things. You can only B.S for so long.

  3. Howie says:

    Ah…this embodies the dilemma that every entrepreneur/blogger faces. We want to continually provide value to readers, however, when many other projects compete for our attention, sometimes we are just to drained to write at the end of the day. (I admit, I’m STILL attempting to learn that delicate balance…)

    • Mark says:

      Howie very well put. It is such a dilemma. Everything competes for our time. There are so many benefits to blogging but there has to be a balance. I’m still in the process also. Let’s hope we find it!

  4. Dan says:

    when i doubt, live…. 😀 looking forward to spot hero….

  5. I was just at work asking a guy about a ring he got from Morocco! Pick me up a ring! hahahha just kidding. I definitely got to get some traveling under my belt.

  6. Dena says:

    “I am troubled sometimes by whether I should be blogging or not.”

    Ahh! I have been struggling with this very thought lately, Mark. I am still struggling to find the balance. Can’t wait to hear more about Morocco.

    Great post!


  7. Farnoosh says:

    The newest best salsa dancer in town :)! I didn’t realize you went to Morocco. I LOVE that photo, Mark. And I am SO excited for you and SpotHero. WDS was phenomenal. I look forward to seeing you more in the future. Best of luck with the startup. Focus on that now. The blog will be here for you when you are ready to return!

    • Mark says:

      You were great at salsa dancing Farnoosh! Morocco was fun and WDS was epic. It’s been an amazing year so far. Thanks so much for the support. Be in touch and look forward to seeing you again too!

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